Advent, Christmas, and Messianics

Advent, Christmas, and Messianics

Advent, Christmas, and Messianics It was the first Sunday in December. My wife and I were visiting my in-laws for dinner. As we sat around the kitchen table, we prayed, and someone lit the first of four candles, which were placed in the center of the table in a unique...
Being the Image of God

Being the Image of God

We live our day-to-day lives and sometimes we become distracted—distracted from our family, from spending time with God, and from realizing and cherishing what the important things are. It has just become too easy in this day and age to get caught up with things like...
Why Is Yeshua Important?

Why Is Yeshua Important?

Yeshua’s arrival is the most important occurrence ever to happen to creation since creation itself. That is the bold claim the Biblical narrative asserts throughout the prophets, writings, and witnesses that surrounded Yeshua. This proclamation that there is this God...


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