This week we discuss the shortest of the gospel accounts, the Gospel of Mark. Discover why mark began his gospel account the way he did and purposely infused a stage of apocalyptic themes from the prophets to present the power of who Yeshua and how it changes us forever.


January 30, 2021
John wanted to pen his account of Yeshua with the sole focus always on Yeshua as front and center. Unlike Matthew, Mark, and Luke, John chooses to portray Yeshua as, not the trajectory of the story of Israel, but as ever-present before and during the story of Israel. In this message, we review what those implications are for believers today and what the dangers are in losing focus on that fact.


January 7, 2017
In this video Joel addresses purpose and challenges us to walk as Y’shua prayed for us to in John chapter 17. He also shares about the current missionary work in…