We meet every Saturday
(Except the first Saturday of each month)

11:00 am – Services Begin



St. John’s United Methodist Church

130 Tom Hall st, Fort Mill, SC 29715
(Fellowship Hall)

Who We Are

We are a congregation of families, with many children, who have embarked on a journey to come together, formally, to greater unite our Mispacha (family).

We all have a passion for seeking a deeper truth and understanding of our faith. In saying this, it is not any part of our mission to be critical of others’ walk, but rather to examine our own walk and be the best example we can be.

We thoroughly enjoy reading and studying the Scriptures, celebrating our Father’s Feast Days, learning the Hebrew language and the vast Hebraic idioms that were used in the New Testament’s 1st century text.

There’s never been so much freedom, in obedience.