April 30, 2022

Divine Nurturer – Maternal Depictions of God in the Bible | Female Metaphor of God

God is depicted as many things through metaphors found in the Bible. From being a rock, a castle, and a shield, to a shepherd, potter, and a father. The authors of the Bible use different descriptions based on their diverse experiences with God. One poetic expression of God's character that is often missed is within the scope of having female characteristics, especially ones associated with maternal love and nurturing.

In this message, we explore the approach the prophets in the Bible take in expressing God's compassion as a mother who nurses and cares for the covenant people of Israel. When God is described as a female in the Bible, it was not meant to define literal boundaries on God, just as when God is described as a male. Although bold, God's description of having female and maternal attributes is a necessary part of discovering just how intimate YHVH is when it comes to times of struggle, chaos, and uncertainty. Like a mother bird shrouding her young in her wings or a mother bear, claws extended, chasing those who have taken her young captive, these diverse images should change the way we view how God works in the world and in our lives. We hope this teaching on God being portrayed as a mother will be helpful in learning more about the Biblical expressions of metaphor and a better understanding of the Bible itself.

We hope you enjoy this messianic teaching on the Bible about the topic of God being referred to as female and God being referred to as a mother in the scriptures. This messianic teaching is brought to you by generous supporters from around the world. If you believe this ministry is a blessing and being used by God, please consider giving at http://foundedintruth.com/give/

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