May 14, 2022

Grace of the Torah – Discovering the Gospel in the Law | Messianic Teaching about the Torah

There is Grace in the Torah.

This week we dive into the story told in the Torah and how it is easy to miss the themes of grace that were intentionally structured into the first five books of the Bible, specifically in Deuteronomy. Many make the assumption that the Torah, also known as the Law, is simply a piece of legislation literature that has no benefit for daily living, active worship, or the life of a Christian. Unfortunately, this has led to many simply ignoring the narrative at the beginning of the Bible and missing out on the intentional placement of key texts that reveal something much larger than a book of commandments. It reveals the goodness of God's grace and the revelation of the Messianic King.

So, if you have never seen the Grace as it is revealed in the Torah, join us in this message as we look at the structure of the law, how the "second law" called Deuteronomy was crafted with themes, and what this has to do with us as believers in Jesus.

How I Love Your Torah, O' Lord, Daniel Block

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