March 26, 2022

Why We Do Our Best To Keep Torah | Pronomian Christianity | Applying the Old Testament Law Today


Christians who strive to obey God’s Law are often met with criticism and accusations of trying to work their way into Heaven, but that is not always the case. We believe that the Christian pursuit of obedience to God’s Law is an outgrowth of our faith, not the root of our faith. We believe that Christian obedience to God’s Law is important for many reasons—the greatest of which being that Christ explicitly taught faithful obedience to his Law in his Sermon on the Mount. This sermon examines the passages in question (Matt 5:17-20) in an effort to communicate to the Church what Christ communicated to his audience—that he came not to abolish God’s Law, but to fulfill it in himself and teach us how to do the same. If you have ever been interested in Pronomian Christianity what it means to be a Torah Observant Christian, this message will be a great resource. If you have ever asked the question, "why do we not follow the laws of the old testament?", then this Pronomian Christian perspective may help give the answer. Many Christians struggle with trying to understand where the old testament laws fit into their faith. Join us as we explore the words of Jesus Himself concerning this question.