Join us online for services this Saturday, November 14th, at 11:00 am EST! We are excited to be able to worship together online, explore this week's Torah Portion, and to dive into God's word to learn more about our King, Yeshua. This week, we continue our Missed Connections series by studying the creepy, yet inspiring vision of an army of the dead rising once again to be a living force in Ezekiel's vision. The New Testament author John makes a clear connection between Yeshua and this vision and how it is fulfilled in the person of Jesus.

Traps in the Bible

October 26, 2020
In this Messianic teaching, Matthew speaks about how the biblical authors intentionally told stories that caused the readers to reflect on a deep emotional level. Don't fall into these traps!
The prophets in the Old Testament told of a bigger, greater Passover event that would usher in a greater exodus. This exodus would not be from slavery in Egypt, or oppression under Pharoah, but a greater exodus from slavery to sin and the oppression of the present evil age. Learn how Jesus has fulfilled these prophecies.
Awkwardness is something every human is fearful of. We avoid it, we run from it, we hate it. But, if we can understand the WHY behind our fear, maybe it can help us understand each other as well as God's grace in our midst.
Join us as we look at the Hebrew Feast Day known as Rosh Hashana, or the day of trumpets. Learn why it is important to Christians and how it points to Jesus Christ.

The Hate We Love

September 12, 2020
This Messianic teaching explores how we sometimes allow our emotions of anger or hatred cloud our pursuit of love given by Yeshua.


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