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This Haggadah is a guide to celebrating a Passover seder as a Christian in light of the work of Christ. Along with the free walk-through video, you too can celebrate the redemption of God through the Passover.

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Embrace this opportunity to celebrate Passover with a deeper understanding of its significance in light of Jesus Christ. Our Haggadah is more than a guide; it’s a tool for spiritual reflection and family bonding. Order now to begin a meaningful tradition that will enrich your faith and bring the story of redemption into your home.

What to expect?

Our Haggadah is designed to be:

  • Easy to Follow: Clear instructions make your Seder preparation and celebration seamless.
  • Customizable: Easily incorporate additional elements like Bible verses, blessings, and songs that resonate with your faith.
  • Inclusive: Suitable for all ages, ensuring a family-friendly experience that educates and engages everyone.

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Passover with Yeshua at the center

Broken For You: A Christian Haggadah For Passover is a Messianic Haggadah designed specifically for Christian families and believers in Yeshua (Jesus) who wish to celebrate Passover at home. It is a step-by-step guide that helps you and your family navigate the Passover seder This Haggadah bridges the sacred traditions of Judaism with the faith of Christianity, offering an easy to understand, and powerful Passover Seder experience. Passover was the most anticipated festival at the time of Jesus. It celebrated the story of the Israelites and their exodus from Egypt, God’s victory over Pharaoh, and the defeat of slavery and oppression. For Christians, Passover has an even more significant meaning. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 5:7 that Jesus is our Passover lamb that has been sacrificed for us, freeing us from slavery to sin and the oppression of death. This Haggadah is a guide to celebrating a Passover seder from a Christian point of view. It delves into the festival of freedom, highlighting liberation not only from the physical bondage of Egypt but also from the spiritual shackles of sin and death through the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Why is Passover important to Christians?

Passover is not simply a Jewish holiday; it’s a celebration deeply rooted in Christian theology as well, symbolizing the ultimate redemption through Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God. John the Baptist recognized Jesus as such, heralding Him as the one who takes away the sin of the world. Furthermore, the prophet Jeremiah spoke of a future, greater Passover—a messianic era inaugurated by a King who would establish an eternal kingdom, bringing redemption to all mankind from the slavery of sin and the oppression of this world. This Haggadah invites you to explore these profound connections and celebrate the fulfillment of God’s promises.

Why is this Haggadah perfect for families?

This Haggadah is designed to be family-friendly and perfect for families of any size or age range for several key reasons:

  1. Accessibility: The language and structure are crafted to be accessible and understandable to participants of all ages. This ensures that everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, can follow along, engage with the content, and grasp the significance of the Passover celebration.

  2. Interactive Elements: It includes interactive elements that cater to different learning styles and interests. Activities such as songs, blessings, and the incorporation of Bible verses allow for active participation. These elements not only make the Seder more engaging for children but also enrich the experience for adults, creating a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere.

  3. Customizable Content: Recognizing the diverse nature of families, this Haggadah is designed to be flexible and customizable. Families can choose to add or emphasize elements that resonate most with their faith journey and cultural background. This adaptability makes it suitable for families of any size, allowing them to tailor the Seder to their specific needs and interests.

  4. Educational Value: The Haggadah serves as an educational tool that bridges generations, teaching younger family members about the significance of Passover in both Jewish and Christian traditions. It explains complex concepts in a manner that is easy to understand, fostering a deeper understanding of faith and heritage.

  5. Focus on Family Bonding: The core of this Haggadah is its emphasis on family bonding and communal celebration. It encourages families to come together, share stories, and create memories that will last a lifetime. This focus on togetherness is what makes it particularly appealing to families seeking to strengthen their bonds through shared religious observance.

  6. Spiritual Depth: For families seeking a meaningful spiritual experience, this Haggadah provides depth and insight into the connections between the Passover story and the Christian faith. It highlights themes of redemption, freedom, and the fulfillment of prophecy, offering families a rich spiritual journey that is both enlightening and uplifting.

This Haggadah is family-friendly and perfect for families of any size or age range due to its accessibility, interactive and customizable content, educational value, focus on family bonding, and spiritual depth. It invites families into a meaningful celebration of Passover, deepening their faith and connection to each other.

Is this for you?

This Haggadah is not just a guide; it’s a journey through the Passover story with Jesus at its heart. It’s perfect for families looking to:

  • Celebrate Passover with full understanding of its significance in Christian faith.
  • Connect deeper with the Jewish roots of Christianity.
  • Experience a meaningful Seder that highlights Jesus as the Lamb of God.
Christian Passover Haggadah
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