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Yeshua’s final instruction to his followers was to “go and make disciples.” As Christ followers, this is a life-long process and not a final destination. We are on a journey to grow stronger and go deeper in our relationship with him, and groups guide us along the path throughout this journey.

Messianic Men's Small Group

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Grow Together

At FIT, we know how important fellowship is. We love joining one another for services on Saturday and we love learning about God’s word collectively. We also know that a community is not defined by meeting together one day a week; it is defined by the relationships that grow from coming together outside of that. Hebrews 10:24-25 encourages us to “stir” one another up love and impact the world around us. It warns us not to neglect each other but to strengthen our brotherhood by engaging one another for the sake of Christ’s Kingdom.

So, we do.

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Plugged In

Once a month, the men of Founded in Truth come together to engage one another regarding the reality of living out Yeshua’s calling in the real world. We dive into the scriptures, enjoy fellowship, and strengthen the bond among one another. The small group meets frequently throughout the year for Men’s activities, retreats (or “attacks” as we like to call them), and general fellowship. Interested?

Utilize the form below and we will get you plugged in.

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