FIT Kidz Youth Group Fort Mill, SC

Our FIT KIDZ program was inspired by the need for a Hebraic Roots children’s program that was developed in an experienced and family friendly environment.

We are excited and honored to have the opportunity to train up the next generation of Torah keepers that follow Yeshua as the Messiah!

Founded in Truth - A Hebrew Roots Family Fellowship

Katie Price
Children’s Director

The FIT Kidz Ministry is led by our Children’s Director, Katie Price. Katie attended Winthrop University where she obtained her Degree in Education. She is now a SC State Certified Teacher with over 10 years’ experience as an elementary school teacher. She not only has a heart for children, but a clear understanding of how to reach our youth’s minds. She is quite the asset when it comes to training our children up in the Love of God.

0–3 years

The “FIT Lightweights” is a nursery program that allows parents of infants to enjoy services without distraction or partake in the accommodation of having a “safe area” to breast feed and take care of their young ones.

4–7 years

“FIT Explorers” embark on a weekly journey into the bible. Our focus is to establish a basic biblical foundation teachings for children to learn about God’s love, who Yeshua is, basic biblical stories, and loving each fruits of the spirit.

8–12 years

“Fit Pioneers” learn scriptural responsibility along with biblical application in this program. Our hope is that every “Pioneer” will learn how to share God’s love with others, understand foundation Torah concepts, and learn about God’s love through His son, Yeshua.