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Phil Nagy

In /18, I worked in a food factory, mainly in a freezer (at shift ends elsewhere) with a mask, doing overtime. I got orders & had to go to get products. At week’s end & late hours my judgment was skewed. Once, at week’s end & end of shift, I had to get a detergent. 8 orders had it. When 1st seen, I saw 2 products were pierced & leaked. I felt it was “organic” & not serious. To get drier 1’s, I moved pierced or wet 1’s. I was loyal, I wanted to save the co. $. I liked the job but not my boss. The day after, I didn’t officially report it (if I did, I could’ve sued), but mentioned it to him. It paid good. They gave cheap gloves, I bought mine. 1 pair lasted 2 weeks. This was in the middle. When back Mon. & put gloves on, they were stained by detergent. I didn’t like the co. gloves, I stuck with mine still. In/out of the freezer I sweated. Coming out with orders to bring to shipping I always adjusted my mask. My sweaty gloves put the chemical on my mask. At days end, stores were closed. The next day I wore those again, & did that for 3 days for the gloves, & a week with the mask. The effect wasn’t immediate. 2 months later, I had a vacation, when I contemplated, I was sick of my boss.I quit a day or2after coming back.5days later,3months after the encounter,I noticed something.I think what occurred was the chemical(did it have live organisms?)changed how I fought invasive organisms.So,an organism was attacking me.I have socialized health in Canada.The Dr. said I imagined it(I’m sane,but was stressed),it was unheard of,&didn’t provide tests.Then,I didn’t yet know this was from that chemical,&didn’t mention it to the Dr.It mutated thru years&changed behavior.Initially it seemed bacterial(although also unique)due to an infected mouth.I was still given anti-biotics,which seemingly disappeared it,really,it weakened it.A month later it was back,mutated.Again,the Dr. said I’m imagining it,&it was then in my hands.I experimented with foods/remedies to control it.A year of struggle later I had it kind of under control till now.It could only be a fungus,“candidiasis”,&could kill.I could’ve died.It’s in some organs&muscles,but better than before.It can use alcohol as food to grow&strengthen.For a year,I didn’t drink.When drinking,it grows.From/20 till now,sometimes I drink3days in a row.After drinking,I spend a day or2sober to fight it. It hasn’t mutated much half a year till recently. Sometimes it does the unexpected. I just had poison ivy, & used tea tree oil. It liked the strong scented oil, as I breathed, it strengthened. That enabled it to mutate recently. It’s kind of strong again, but I think I can get it under control with determination. Pray God helps to weaken it from this newly stronger state soon, as well as that He ensure that it can just be destroyed completely. Alternatively of gone completely, God could mutate it from aggressive to a non-lethal & weak shadow of itself incapable of mutating back.

Received: June 24, 2021

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