As Passover quickly approaches, we explore the narrative in the Book of Exodus and discover a much larger story than Babies in baskets, blood on doorposts, and seas splitting. The Book of Exodus sets the foundation for the rest of the Bible creating a theme that is cyclical throughout the story of Israel. Join us as we discover connections to the creation story as well as elements of a cosmic battle that takes place when Moses faces off against Pharoah. This is the story that sets the tone of a coming messiah that will fulfill the Passover and enact the greater exodus. An exodus not from Pharoah or Egypt, but from sin and death. If you are a Christian and have wanted to learn more about Passover and the Exodus, this will be great teaching as it explores the prophecies of a prophet likened to Moses and shows how Jesus fulfilled them. Christians are parking in Passover seders more and more as a way to strengthen the Hebrew Roots of their Christian faith.
As we enter into the Passover and the week of Unleavened bread, it's important to remember the climactic event of the last supper. From the cup to the bread to the radical redefining of what Passover was always meant to bring about, Yeshua shows us that He is the lamb that is slain that frees us from slavery. In this special message, we remind ourselves of his words when offering the wine and the bread to His followers and reflect on what it means to partake in the Last Supper. In this message, Pastor Matthew Vander Els walks us through a 1-st century Passover Seder, highlighting what Jesus did at the Last Supper with His disciples. Passover is a major theme in the gospel accounts and truly points to Yeshua being the true Passover land that grants true freedom from slavery. 
Join us for in-person services this Saturday, March 20th, at 11:00 am EST at Founded in Truth Fellowship! We are excited to celebrate the Sabbath with worship and diving into God's word. As Passover approaches, we continue to look at Passover throughout the narrative of the Hebrew Bible. This week, we visit what Passover represented for the Judean people in exile and what God promised was coming to bring about a new creation!

The Cost of Passover

March 28, 2020
This week, we dive into the core message behind Passover, the baffling, unintuitive message of the gospel, and what the price of Passover truly is. We hope this message helps…