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Yeshua’s final instruction to his followers was to “go and make disciples.” As Christ followers, this is a life-long process and not a final destination. We are on a journey to grow stronger and go deeper in our relationship with him, and groups guide us along the path throughout this journey.


The Young Adult Group was established in mid-2018 to help connect individuals in their late teens through twenties. Group events typically involve some type of food and include casual hangouts, deep discussions about life and beyond, game nights, adventuresome outings, and Bible study sessions. FIT Young Adults embrace the call to live as ambassadors of God’s kingdom and seek to support one another in that process. Join us as we grow together in Messiah Yeshua!

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At least once a month, the young adults of Founded in Truth come together to engage one another regarding the reality of living out Yeshua’s calling in the real world. We dive into the scriptures, enjoy fellowship, and strengthen the bond among one another.


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Saturday at 11:00am

(Except 1st Saturday of the month)
1689 Springsteen Rd.
Rock Hill, SC 29730

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