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The Book of Esther. In anticipation of Purim this week, we take a look at the story of Esther, Mordechai, Haman, and King Ahasuerus. The story of Esther has an incredibly controversial past due to the secular and explicit scenes, gruesome violence, and themes of farce humor. God is never mentioned directly or indirectly in the entire narrative, or is there a focus on religious elements? Join us as we take another look at this mysterious book and discover not only the presence of God but hidden parallels to the temple, Israel, and exile.
How many times do we find ourselves in a place that we truly feel we are unqualified to be in? Struggling to "fake it til we make it", never having the confidence to fully embrace our environment? Join us as we look at what the Bible actually says about your circumstances and how to know God has placed you there for such a time as this.
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