Join us as we look into one of the most criticized books of the Bible, Esther. Filled with amazing literary patterns, twists, reversals, and irony, how can this book possibly…
Many believers today do not realize that, while the Bible tells us there are ten sections on the tablets known as the "ten commandments", it never explains how to actually count them. Join us as we discover the mystery of the ten commandments, take a look at the first half, and look deeper into the commandment to "bear the image of God".

God’s Treasured Possession

January 18, 2020
This week we will be following the Israelites out of Egypt to discover what it means to be a "treasured possession" and how God wants to cultivate that same status for you. We will also be exploring the history of other ancient kingdoms that also had laws written on two tablets and explore the significance to us as believers today.

Speak the Name

January 11, 2020
Join us as we dive into the Torah to explore the moment God introduces Himself personally to Moses and Israel. What can we learn about the God of Israel in…

The Yeshua Creed

December 21, 2019
Join us as we explore the spiritual foundation for living a life as a Yeshua follower; the Yeshua Creed. When a Torah expert asked Yeshua what the most important commandment…


November 23, 2019
Join us as we take a look at the one incident that left King David awestruck before God, giving his heart fulfillment before his death. We also look at the…


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