We live in a culture that conditions us to value our lives by how much we can produce. The hustle and bustle of life continue to gain speed, moving faster and faster each day, producing a claustrophobic atmosphere that seems inescapable. It's easy to forget to rest and take the time needed to slow down, moving into a rhythm that includes stopping and ceasing from working, producing, and rushing. This is the Sabbath. The Sabbath is introduced to us in Genesis 2 when God Himself rested as King over creation. When God gave the ten commandments to Israel, God gave them the Sabbath to remember that they have been freed from a life of slavery. In His redemption act, they find rest. Because of this, one day a week they were to cease their labors, their stress, and their production and be still.
Many believers today do not realize that, while the Bible tells us there are ten sections on the tablets known as the "ten commandments", it never explains how to actually count them. Join us as we discover the mystery of the ten commandments, take a look at the first half, and look deeper into the commandment to "bear the image of God".